Epson printer errors: error codes and possible solutions

Although Epson printers are considered to be one of the most reliable printing machines, they can malfunction from time to time. Sometimes the user has no idea what has gone wrong with the printer. All the user can see is the error code displayed on the computer screen and/or on the built-in LCD of the printer. Let us consider the most common errors of modern MFPs Epson and ways to address them.

General printer errors

The error code is represented by a Latin letter (E, W or I) followed by one or a set of numbers using hyphen.


This code that indicates that a printer function error has occurred. There may be several reasons for this:

  • Failures/freezes of the firmware.
  • Bocking of one of the movable mechanisms due to a paper or a foreign object jam.
  • Power failure (for example, a short-time voltage drop in the network), etc.

In most cases, this error can be solver by simply rebooting the printer, turn the machine off for 10-15 seconds and then turn the machine back on. You should also check the paper receiving tray for a paper or a foreign object jam.

Цветной принтер Epson


This error code indicates the MFP scanner malfunctions. Rebooting the printer might help in this case as well. If the error persists it could mean that there is a serious hardware malfunction of the scanner and you have to contact the experts in order to address it.


This error code indicates filling of ink pad. This part of the printer is called diaper among the specialists. Its main purpose is to absorb excess ink, which remains on the surface of the print head after the completion of the printing cycle. In addition, the diaper absorbs paint when the head cleaning function is launched in case it does not print correctly.

There are two ways to resolve this error - temporary and complete. The first way is to “get” the printer to continue work despite the filling of the absorbent pad. But this operation mode has a high probability of clogging of the print head, as well as a sharp decrease in print quality (stains are possible). If you urgently need to print several sheets, this method will come in handy.

In order to “convince” the printer that the absorbent pad is not completely filled, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Download the "SSC Service Utility" (note that this program is an Epson product).
  • After the installation a corresponding shortcut will appear on the desktop. Open it and go to the settings section. You will be prompted to choose the manufacturer and your printer model. You need to select "Epson", and then the appropriate model. You can close the program once you have chosen the manufacturer and your printer model.
  • An icon will also appear in the tray (lower right corner) of Windows Explorer. Right-click to open the context menu.
  • The context menu displays several sections. You need to find "Reset counters" section.
  • A submenu will open where you need to find and click on the "Reset all counters".
  • The program will ask you whether the diaper has been replaced, which should be answered with "Yes". If the counter is successfully reset, printing can be continued.

To completely eliminate the "E-11" error, the absorbent pad will have to be replaced or at least cleaned. However, you will need to take apart the printer in order to do this as the diaper is located where the print head goes after printing. So if you have no office equipment repairing skills, you`d better entrust this task to the experts.

Памперс принтера Epson


This error indicates a paper jam in the feed roller or other printer mechanism. The solution is simple - you need to remove the jammed paper, and then reboot the equipment.


This is not an error, but rather a warning that the life of the diaper is coming to an end, i.e. the absorbent pad is almost full. To resume printing, just press the button in the form of a rhombus with a vertical line inside (the image of the button depends on the printer model) on the printer’s LCD.

Кнопка на принтере


This is one of the most common errors that occur after refilling/replacing cartridges. The error code means that ink tanks are installed incorrectly. For instance:

  • One of the cartridges is not fully inserted into the ink tank, i.e. There is no full electrical contact.
  • There is a small object stuck between the cartridge and the printer’s contact area which is blocking electrical contact.

The error is eliminated by removing the stuck item (if any) and reinstalling the cartridge (or all) in its place.


An error that occurs when using non-original (third-party manufacturer or counterfeit) or cartridges incompatible with your printer model. All you can do is to purchase genuine Epson ink tanks. You can check what cartridges are compatible with your printer on the manufacturer’s official website ( in the Consumables section of the main product catalog.

Картриджи принтера Epson

General errors when using the printer in the network

Almost every office uses one or more network printers (a device that all the office workers can use). There are a number of errors that occur when sending a document to be printed via a wired or wireless connection to a printing machine. Moreover, these errors are not always displayed on the computer screen or even on the LCD of the printer.

If the printer suddenly stops responding to network commands, the cause of the problem can be found in the network connection report. The report is printed using the appropriate function of the printing machine, which is launched from the main menu of the device’s LCD screen. In order to do this you need to perform the following steps: Select "Setup", "Network Settings", "Connection check". The printer will print a report in which you need to find the "Error Code" section - this is the network error code you are looking for.

Wi-Fi error codes when using the WPS function

Users that work woth Epson printers with WPS technology (automatic Wi-Fi connection between the router and the connected equipment) may encounter the following error codes:

  • I-22. This code indicates that the Wi-Fi connection to the router is broken or an error occurs when trying to connect to a wireless network using the WPS function.
  • I-23. An error that occurs when the PIN code is entered incorrectly at the Wi-Fi access point or on the computer (also when using the WPS function).
  • I-31. The error occurs when you try to establish wireless connection with the printer using the computer that does not have special software installed.
  • I-41. This error occurs only when trying to print via iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) using the "AirPrint" function. Problems occur when the "Paper Configuration" option in the printer settings is inactive Enable this optio to resolve the error.

All errors associated with the wireless connetion to the printer are eliminated by configuring/reconfiguring a Wi-Fi router and/or the settings of the MFP.

Принтер Epson с Wi-Fi


This error code indicates the absence of a physical connection in the local network (a network cable is not connected or the network device is turned off) with a router or computer. To eliminate the error you need to check the cable or turn on the communication device.

E-2, E-3, E-7

One of the above-mentioned errors an occur under different circumstances. Here are the most common ones:

  • Wi-Fi access point turned off or signal is too weak. The solution is to turn on the router or move it closer to the printer.
  • If you entered the wireless network name (SSID) manually when setting up the printer, a typo may be made.  To eliminate the error you need to enter the correct SSID.
  • An incorrect Wi-Fi network password has been entered into the printer, or the password has been changed on the router. The solution is to enter the correct password. 


The error occurs when you try to connect the printer to a Wi-Fi router protected by an encryption method (type of protection), which is not supported by the printing machine. Whether the encryption method selected in the router is supported or not depends on the specific Epson printer model. However, all modern printing machines support the WPA PSK (aka WPA Personal) and WPA2 PSK (WPA2 Personal) protection types. The solution is to install one of these encryption methods in the settings of the router.


This error means that the printer cannot connect to the wireless network due to the communication device blocking its MAC address. The solution is to turn off the MAC address filtering function or to remove the current printer MAC address from the list of blocked addresses.

E-8, E-10, E-11, E-12, E-13

An error occurs if the printer cannot obtain a personal IP address for network operation, the subnet mask and / or the main gateway are incorrect, and there is a conflict of IP addresses.

If the “Obtain an IP address automatically” option is enabled in the device’s network settings, you must also enable the automatic IP assignment function (ie, DHCP server) on the router or computer.

If the address, subnet mask, and gateway are manually assigned to the printer, there may have been an error in one of these parameters or an IP address conflict occurred (when two network devices have the same address). The solution is to enter the correct network parameters in the printer settings:

  • The IP address of the printer and network device must be identical in the first three digits and different in the last one. Example: The IP address of the router is "", the printer needs to be assigned the address - "". When entering the last digit, make sure that it does not match any other IP address on the network.
  • The subnet mask should be the same for both the printer and the router. Typically, this is "".
  • The primary gateway must match the IP address of the network device that the printer is connecting to. Here you should register the current network IP address of the router or computer.