How to perform a Canon printer reset?

Epson printers and MFPs sometimes experience errors that prevent them from printing. Some of these errors can be eliminated by the settings reset. However, printer reset implies not only setting factory defaults , but also resetting the cartridges and diaper. Let us see in the detail the way it is done.

Settings reset

Printers or MFPs consist not only of simple electromechanical components, but also of computerized modules. Printers and MFPs also have a control (mother) board with a inbuilt microprocessor, storage devices - RAM and ROM, interfaces for exchanging data between external devices (USB, LAN ports, Wi-Fi adapters, etc.). Of coures all these equipment works under the control of the operating system (firmware).

As with any computer, the printer allows you to change the settings of some of its functional modules. The device can also store all kinds of user and system data, keep reports and so on.

Принтер Epson

But at the same time, modern printers and MFPs (from any manufacturer) have one shortcoming common for all digital technology - inability if normal operation due to software failures. Software failure can occur for various reasons: memory overflow, unexpected logic errors, short-term failure, and so on. Special function helps that allows you to clear all the information accumulated by the printer and return its settings to the factory defaults can help you to eliminate many software problems.

Cartridges reset

There is a special module in the design of all modern printers which task is to determine the remaining ink level in the cartridges. This module is equipped with special sensors that transmit relevant information to the printer. The data received from the sensor is constantly stored in the device’s memory. Upon reaching a certain value of the ink level, the printer is automatically blocked by the system, which is indicated on the built-in LCD display, LED indicators and / or computer screen.

To continue the operation of the printer, the user will have to replace the ink tanks or refill them (if refilling is supported). Once this is done the sensor will start to detect the ink level in the cartridges. If everything has gone smooth, the printer will be able to continue its operation.

However, it is not unusual that after replacing or refilling the cartridges, the Epson printer still “considers” them to be empty and its further operation is blocked. This can happen for various reasons, including logical errors, short-term malfunctions when transmitting information from the sensor to the control board, etc.

Картриджи Epson

It is precisely in such cases when cartridge reset function can save the day. In various sources, this procedure can also be referred to as "counter reset", "ink level reset", "setting cartridges to zero", etc. Whatever the name of this procedure, its carrying-out leads to the fact that data on the remaining ink level in the ink tanks is removed form the printer memory.

The reset function should only be started if there is actually ink left in the cartridges. Printing without toner in ink tank can affect the print head's performance, it can even lead to its failure.

Diaper reset

Diaper is the way the experts call the absorbent lining (absorbent), its main function is to absorb unused ink. Every modern printer has a diaper. Upon completion of printing, the print head of the printer goes to a special compartment where it undergoes a cleaning procedure. During cleaning, the remaining paint is removed from the surface of the cartridge holder, which is then absorbed by an absorbent material - diaper. A much larger volume of ink enters the absorbent liner during the print head cleaning procedure. In this case, all ink taken during the cartridges cleaning process is immediately sent to the absorption chamber.

The level of diaper ink filling is measured by a special sensor. The system works on the same principle. If the sensor reaches a certain value, the printer locks automatically. A message is displayed on the front panel or monitor screen indicating the end of the service life of the absorbent pad. However, unlike cartridges, diapers are not that easy to replace - this will require disassembling of the entire printer, so this procedure must be performed by specialists.

"Памперс" принтера Epson

Blocking the operation of the printing machine due to overflow of the absorbent lining can also be avoided. The reset function of sensor readings that measures ink level in the diaper can help in this case. It works in the same way as setting cartridges to zero.

Technically, ink levels can be reset indefinitely. In the case of absorbent lining - this can only be done a couple of times (if it is not replaced). Resetting the counter does not affect the actual ink fullness of diapers. After a few printing cycles, ink can simply start leaking out of the printer. That is why it is recommended to perform this operation no more than 2 times The next time a print error occurs due to the lining having reached the end of its life, it is best to replace it.

The cartridges and diaper reset procedures are performed differently. Detailed instruction is available on our web-site. In this article we will look upon the easiest methods.

Settings reset

Typically, printer software installed on the computer is used to reset the settings. All Epson printing machine drivers have a special function to reset the device software settings to factory defaults. However, many errors in he printer work can occur due to malfunctions in the software itself, so the best option is to reinstall the drivers, which will not only reset the settings, but also fix software problems.

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First, remove the installed software on your existing Epson printer from the system:

  • Perform the following steps: "Control Panel", "Hardware and Sound", "Devices and Printers".
  • Find the icon of the Epson printer connected to the computer.
  • Right-click the icon and select "Remove device". The printer driver will be removed from the system.
  • It is also recommended to remove from the computer all the programs related to the printer, for example, Epson Easy Photo Print, Epson Event Manager and the like.
  • To uninstall applications, go to the "Programs and Features" section, then - "Uninstall a Program."
  • In the list provided, find the Epson application.
  • Double-click the program name. Follow the instructions to uninstall the program.

Having removed all the drivers and programs, run the driver installer from the supplied CD. If you don't have the cd, you can download the driver at

Принтер Epson

Cartridges and diapers reset

The easiest way to reset ink level sensors in cartridges and diaper in any printer is to use special programs. The most reliable ones for Epson printers are SSC Service Utility and PrintHelp. Here are instructions for using both programs.

To reset the ink and diaper levels using the SSC Service Utility:

  • Download the application from the official website of the developer
  • Install and run the program.
  • Open the "Settings" tab.
  • In the upper pop-up menu "Installed Printers" there should be the name of the Epson printer connected to the computer. If it is not available, select your printer model in the Printer Model menu.
  • Minimize the application to tray by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner of the window.
  • The program icon will be displayed in the tray near the clock. Right-click the icon.
  • To reset the cartridges, select "Counters reset". The program provides the ability to reset the counter of all ink tanks at the same time or only a certain color. Select the desired option.
  • To reset the diaper, select "Protection counter", then - "Reset protection counter".
  • The task is completed.

PrintHelp instructions:

  • You can download the application at
  • Install and run the application.
  • Select the name of the printer connected to the computer in the left part of the window.
  • To reset ink go to the "Management" tab and click on the "Reset Ink Levels" button.
  • To reset the diaper counter, select Reset protection counter.
  • The procedure is completed.

It should be borne in mind that for some Epson printer models a special key is required to reset the diaper through the PrintHelp application. You can purchase the key at the program developer’s website or find it in the internet.