Canon printer errors. Errors codes and the ways to solve it

Modern computers and peripheral hardware are equipped with self-diagnostic tools. In the event of a malfunction of one of the component (in our case, the printer), the user will receive an error with a specific code. This article does not have all the errors codes the user might face.

Instead we will consider the most common errors and the ways to address them. Most other errors (which are not indicated in this article) indicate malfunction of the board. So you should go the manufacturer official website or service center in case you want some additional information.

Принтер Canon не работает

Canon printer errors and the ways to solve them

The following table shows two codes for each error: the first appears on the printer’s mini-display, the second one - the monitor screen. If the provided solution is not effective, you should contact the service center. Do not attempt to repair the printer yourself in the event of a serious breakdown if you are not experienced enough and don't have the necessary skills. Contacting the service center might save you some money in this case.

Ремонт принтера Canon

The information provided below is relevant for Canon MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP280, MG2140, MG2240, MG3140, MG3240 printers. 

Errors on the LCD


Driver error







Printer is out of paper. In some cases it might appear even where there is paper in the tray. Add more paper to solve the error.

An error may also occur when using paper that is too thin.





Paper is jammed. Ope the printer and remove the jammed paper.





A non-compatible cartridge is installed or it is not possible to detect the installed cartridge for unknown reasons. The error may be due to a malfunction of the cartridge, and may also occur when installing a non-compatible low-quality analogue.



1485, 1401, 1403


Cartridge is not installed, cartridge is overheating, cartridge malfunction. Check whether the cartridge is correctly installed on the printer and whether it has ink. If the cartridge malfunctions, replace it with a new one.





The Diaper is almost full It is necessary to replace the diaper. The error is solved by draining the waste ink compartment and resetting the counter. See below for diaper reset instructions.





Scanner malfunctions.





Hardware error. Failed to determine the cause of the malfunction.





Reboot the current USB port.





Cannot control cartridge power. The error may occur due to a malfunction of the cartridge or its flat cable.



6800, 6801


EEPROM error





The cartridge is overheating during operation. Since black-and-white printing in most Canon printers is carried out using both black-and-white and color cartridges, in case one of the cartridges has no ink left, the printing will be blocked.

Most often this type of error occur with the devices that are used as a copier. An error occurs when there is no ink in a color cartridge (less commonly in black and white).



5B00, 5B01


The Diaper is almost full It is necessary to replace the diaper. The error is solved by draining the waste ink compartment and resetting the counter. See below for diaper reset instructions.





Printer overheating during operation. The error code appears when using the printer for a long time, less commonly in case of its malfunction. Turn off the printer for some time. If an error appears repeatedly even after turning the printer off, service is required.





Unable to pick up paper. The tray may be empty or paper is too thin. To fix the problem, add more paper to the tray.





The cartridge holder does not move. It may be connected with an obstacle in the way of the cartridge holder  or with its malfunction.





Appears in printers and MFPs after replacing a cartridge with a new one, and also after purchasing a new device. The error happens when the controller cannot determine the ink level in the cartridge. Turn the controller off to fix the problem (the function for detecting the remaining ink level will be disabled). In order to do this press the printer's Stop button for 5-10 seconds.

Canon printer diaper reset

In case you see the error codes 5200, 5B00, 5B01 and 1700, perhaps you will need to perform the diaper reset. To reset perform the following steps:Turn the printer off.

  1. Press and hold the "STOP/RESET" button.
  2. Press the "POWER" button without releasing the "STOP/RESET" button.
  3. Keep the "POWER" button held down, wait until LED display is activated and press twice the "STOP/RESET" button.
  4. Release the "POWER" button.
  5. Release the "STOP/RESET" button. The green light suggests that the printer is in the service mode.
  6. Press the "STOP/RESET" button four times.
  7. Turn the printer off.

Сброс памперса принтера Canon

This method allows you to fix the following errors: 5200, 5B00, 5B01 and 1700. Once you have done the reset, the errors should not appear again. The method is also effective on the Canon MP490 printer, but is not suitable for the Canon Pixma IP2700.

The radical method

Suitable for those who use the printer only for black and white printing. If the problem of overheating is related to the continuous production of ink in a color cartridge, do the following:Turn off the printer and remove the color cartridge.

  1. Peel off the sticker on its top.
  2. If the round holes are sealed, drill them.
  3. Pour distilled water into a syringe.
  4. Use the syringe to fill each of the three holes with water.
  5. You will know that the cartridge is full when water will begin to seep through the nozzles. Wipe the nozzles with a cloth.
  6. Put the cartridge in its place.
  7. Perform the diaper reset as described above.
  8. Now the cartridge will not overheat, and the printer can only be used for black and white printing.
  9. If the error appears even after you have performed this procedure, you will have to replace the cartridge or even the device.

 Заправка картриджа

Fixing the 5100 error

As mentioned above, this error is connected with the fact that the cartridge holder cannot move freely. To fix the problem, perform the following steps:

  1. Turn off the printer and open it.
  2. Make sure cartridge holder motion is not impeded by paper, paper clip etc.
  3. If the cartridge holder cannot move because of the dried ink, use a soft cloth and soapy water to remove the ink. Do not use alcohol.
  4. Try moving the cartridge holder with your hand first to one side and then to the other. Pay attention to places where the cartridge holder does not move. 

This error can also occur due to the contamination or defect of the encoder tape, which is responsible for the correct positioning of the cartridge holder. If necessary, wipe the ribbon and remove leftover ink. If the ribbon is defective, replace it.

Лента энкодера

In addition, if the grease in the parking unit is contaminated with ink, dust and dirt, the cartridge holder cannot fir into the extreme position. This is one of the reasons why the 5100 error may appear. Replace grease to fix the problem.

Fixing the B200 error

This error is associated with printers that have a print head. Here are the few reasons that lead to the B200 error:

  • Faulty power supply. Check if the printer power supply is working properly. If upon inspection you see swollen capacitors, it should be replaced. Also check the output voltage. In order to do this: 
  1. turn off the printer;
  2. remove the print head;
  3. turn on the printer;
  4. at this moment (half a second) the voltage should be at the level of 24-32 V.
  • Faulty control board. If the power supply is working properly, it is necessary to check the operation of the control board. Remove the print head and turn on the printer. Does the B200 error appear? If the answer is yes, then the control board is faulty, the same might apply to the print head. It is not worth to repair the printer under these circumstances. It will be much cheaper to purchase a new device.

Ошибка B200 на дисплее принтера Canon

  • Faulty print head. Remove the print head. Does the B200 error appear? If the error does not appear, try to clean the print head:
  1. Wait for error B200 to be displayed.
  2. Turn off the printer and open it.
  3. Move the cartridge holder to the far left.
  4. Press the power button 5 times (do not wait until the device turns on).
  5. Close the door after the last press.
  6. Wait until the print head cleaning procedure is complete.

If cleaning did not help, the MFP can be used as a scanner or print in one color only. It can be a black and white print.