How to perform a Canon printer reset?

Like any electromechanical equipment, printers need periodic maintenance. The complex of preventive maintenance includes cleaning the print head and ink supply channels, removing all kinds of contaminants from the surfaces of internal parts, replacing absorbent material (diapers), etc.

Hardware settings, ink counters and absorbent counters reset can also be included in the maintenance process. What is it? What are the ways to do it? And why you should do it at all? Let us answer these questions and give you some advice.

Принтер Canon

What is printer reset?

All modern Canon printers and MFPs have their own operating system (firmware), a central processor (main controller), RAM and ROM memory, information input-output interfaces and other components that are inherent in any computer.

All this suggests that modern printing machines are capable of storing various type of information. These include user settings and various system data:

  • status of sensors that calculate the level of toner in the cartridges;
  • fullness of the diaper - an ink-absorbing device that is discarded from the surface of the print head after the completion of the printing cycle.
  • user settings.

Sensor reading on Canon printers can be reset, i.e. reset to default factory settings or zero. There may be several reasons for resetting the settings and / or readings of cartridge sensors and diapers.

Hardware settings reset

Resetting the hardware / software settings is usually performed when there happen to be any malfunction of the printer or one of the functions of the MFP - copying, scanning, duplex printing, etc. In the course of printer work various system and user data are written into the device’s memory. Like in any computer the information stored in the printer ROM may be damaged or lost that can lead to all kinds of errors in the operation of the printing machine.

The function of hard reset helps to solve various problems associated with the printer software. By resetting the configuration you will also be able to eliminate communication interface problems that are responsible for connecting the printing machine to the computer and to the computer network via a wired and wireless connection.

Принтер Canon

Resetting cartridge counter

Any modern printer is equipped with various sensors that ensure printer functionality. Among them are sensors responsible for measuring the remaining level of toner in the cartridges and transmitting the received data to the main controller of the device. When ink runs out, the operating system automatically blocks the print function, as operating the print head in idle mode can lead to premature wear.

When installing new ones, replacing or refueling the installed ink tanks, the printer usually automatically detects that the user has completed these procedures, and then resets the ink level counter. But this may not happen for various reasons. It is when the reset function helps, which will allow you to reset the ink level sensor, so that the printer is unlocked and can continue to work.

The detailed instructions on resetting the cartridge counter are available on our web site.

Diaper counter reset

The absorbent material or diaper is filled with waste ink as the printer is used. The level of their fullness is also read by a special sensor. When the diaper is full, the printing machine is blocked, and it won`t work. As you might guess, the absorbent reset function removes this blockage.

Абсорбент принтера Canon

It is much more difficult to determine the fullness of the diaper than the ink level, so the absorbent sensor often gives “false readings”. Function of resetting the filling level of the absorbent material serves this role.

It should be noted that it is permissible to reset the diaper counter only 2-3 times. If the absorbent is too full, ink will leak out of the printer or accumulate inside of the printer which can cause various malfunctions even burnout of the motherboard.

How to perform a Canon printer reset?

Each of the three above-mentioned reset functions is initiated in its own way. One should bear in mind that depending on printer and MFPs models resetting the settings and sensors is done differently. Let us go step by step.

Settings reset

There are two ways to restore the software / hardware settings to the factory defaults - to either start a reset from the front panel of the printer or from a computer. The first method is done with the help of printer LCD screen or by pressing the function buttons in a certain sequence. It is done differently depending on your printer model. For example, on most models of Canon i-SENSYS MFPs (MF4450, MF4410, MF4580, etc.) you should follow these steps:

  • Press the "*" button (looks like a head in profile), then the "2" and "8" buttons.
  • The printer enters service mode.
  • Next, press on the "Copier", "Clear" and "Clear All" buttons.
  • The settings will revert to factory defaults.

Reset instructions for PIXMA model printers:

  1. Turn your printer off. 
  2. Press the Power button while holding the STOP/RESET button.
  3. The printer should turn on.
  4. Release the buttons.
  5. Keep holding the Power button and press the STOP/RESET button two more times. Release both buttons - the printer will enter service mode.
  6. To reset the configuration you need to clear the EEPROM memory where the settings are stored. To do this, press the "STOP/RESET" button 2 times.
  7. Turn the printer off by pressing the power button two times.
  8. Settings will be reset.

Принтер Canon

Detailed instructions on resetting on a specific printer can be found in the technical documentation for the device and in the operational manual.

The easiest way to perform a printer reset using your PC is to reinstall the printer driver. You need to install it form the supplied CD or to download it from the internet.

Reset Ink Counter

The counter reset procedure also depends on the specific Canon printer model. In most cases, you will need to just press and hold the "STOP/RESET" button (for multi-function devices) or "Resume/Cancel" (for printers) for 10-30 seconds. The button should be pressed immediately after you will see the message on of the cartridges have run out of ink. If there are several ink tanks, this procedure will need to be repeated for each of them (only after the toner runs out of ink).

In modern Canon PIXMA multi-function devices, you can reset the sensor using the service menu:

  • Follow steps 1 to 5 of the instructions on resetting Canon PIXMA printers to enter service mode.
  • Press the "STOP/RESET" button 4 times.
  • Press the power button twice.
  • The counter will be reset.

As in the previous case a detailed instructions on resetting on a specific printer can be found in the technical documentation for the device and in the operational manual.

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Diaper reset

The procedure for resetting the diaper counter also depends on the Canon printer model. For example, in many MFP models of the MPC line (MPC400, MPC600, etc.), the absorber can be reset from the LCD display menu:

  • Put the printer in the service mode of operation by selecting the following sections in the menu - "Menu", "Copy", "#". If the message “# 1 SSSW” is displayed on the screen, the printer has entered the service mode.
  • Select section "7. Using the arrow buttons on the front of the device and click "OK".
  • Next, select section "5. Ink abs capa", press "ОК".
  • The printer will prompt you to enter a numerical value.
  • Enter "0", then click "OK" and turn the printer off.

Detailed instructions on resetting diapers on Canon inkjet printers.

A universal way to reset diapers

Many modern Canon printers and MFPs support a software-based method of absorbent reset. In this special service programs such as Service Tool and General Tool are used. Let see how to reset system counters with the help of Service Tool:

  • Put the printer in service mode using one of the methods described above or according to the instructions for your Canon printer/MFP model.
  • Download and run the Service Tool.
  • In the first tab "Main" of the main window find the section "Clear Ink Counter".
  • Next to the "Absorber" section, select "All" from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the “Set” button next to the drop-down menu.
  • If the command is successful, a dialog box appears with the message "A function was finished".
  • Click the OK button.
  • The counter will be reset.

It is not recommended to perform the diaper counter reset procedure more than two times.