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2.1.3 H.264
You can adjust video settings when you select ‘H.264’ as video type in
‘Camera’ menu.
The descriptions of every setting in this menu will be given below:
Video Resolution
Changes the resolution of video. Available
options are 1280 x 1024, 640 x 480, and 320 x
240. Higher resolution provides better video
quality and more detail, but requires more
network bandwidth.
Video Quality
Changes video quality. There are 5 levels of
video quality from ‘Lowest’ to ‘Highest’.
Selecting a higher video quality will provide
better video quality, but requires more network
Frame Rate
Changes video frame rate. Available options
from ‘30’ to ‘1’, indicates how many video
frames this camera will transmit every second.
Higher frame rate provides smooth video
watching experience and will not lose details of
video, but requires more network bandwidth. If
you’re using this video camera with insufficient
network bandwidth, selecting a lower frame rate
setting will help.
Click ‘Apply’ for settings to take effect.
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