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Main features of your washer-dryer
• Temperature setting using the selector.
Quick wash programme
for lightly soiled laundry.
Speed for the final spin
can be reduced to 600 rpm for cottons and
wool and to 450 rpm for easy cares.
• Because of its gentle washing action, the
special wool cycle
your garments with extreme care.
The drying programmes
will enable you to have dry and soft laun-
dry in a short time.
3-compartment drawer
for detergent and fabric softener.
Your machine is fitted with a balance control device, which ensures the
machine is stable during the spin.
If the wash load appears not to have been spun sufficiently at the end
of the wash cycle, because it is not evenly distributed in the drum, the
balance control device may have operated. It will therefore be neces-
sary to redistribute the wash load manually and select a spin pro-
gramme. For more detailed information see the section headed “Some-
thing Not Working”.
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