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Install the machine on a flat hard floor.
Make sure that air circulation around the machine is not impeded by
carpets, rugs etc.
• Before placing it on small tiles, apply a rubber coating.
• Never try to correct any unevenness in the floor by putting pieces of
wood, cardboard or similar materials under the machine.
• If it is impossible to avoid positioning the machine next to a gas
cooker or coal-burning stove, an insulating panel (85x57 cm) covered
with aluminium foil on the side facing the cooker or stove, must be
inserted between the two appliances;
• The machine must not be installed in rooms where the temperature
can drop below 0.
• The water inlet hoses and the drain hose must not be kinked.
• Please ensure that when the appliance is installed, it is easily accessi-
ble for the engineer in the event of a breakdown.
Installation on a Suspended Floor
Suspended wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration. To
help prevent vibration we recommend you place a waterproof wood
panel, at least 15 mm thick under the appliance, secured to at least 2
floor beams with screws. If possible install the appliance in one of the
corners of the room, where the floor is more stable.
Carefully level by screwing the adjustable
feet in or out. Never place cardboard, wood
or similar materials under the machine to
compensate for any unevenness in the
Water inlet
The inlets on the back of the appliance are
colour coded, blue for cold and red for hot.
Before connecting the hoses be sure to fit
the mesh filters «A» supplied as per dia-
If only a cold water supply is available,
connect the two hoses to a cold water out-
let by means of a «Y» connection piece.
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