AEG Lavamat 1261 Turbo Sen; 914653033 user manual download (Page 43 of 48)

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All transit bolts and packing must be removed before using the appli-
Using a spanner, unscrew and remove the
rear right-hand bolt and lay the machine on
its back, taking care not to squash the hoses.
This can be avoided by placing one of the
corner packing pieces between the machine
and the floor.
Remove the poly-
styrene block
from the bottom
of the machine
and release the
two plastic bags
by removing the
adhesive strip.
Carefully remove
the right-hand bag (1) then the left-hand bag (2) by pulling them towards
the centre of the machine.
Set the machine
upright and
remove the two
remaining bolts
from the back.
Pull out the three
plastic spacers
from the holes
into which the
bolts were fitted.
Plug the open holes with the plugs which you will find in the plastic bag
containing the instruction booklet.
You are advised to keep all transit devices so that they can be refitted if the
machine ever has to be transported again.
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