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Something not working?
The machine does not
empty and/or does not spin
Possible cause
The drain hose is
Check the whole length of
squashed or kinked.
the hose and remove the
The drain filter or the
Clean the filter or check
drain hose are clogged.
the hose.
A programme which stops
Empty out the water by
with water in drum has
selecting the PUMP OUT or
been selected.
SHORT SPIN programme.
The laundry is not evenly
Redistribute the laundry
distributed inside the drum.
manually in the drum.
There is water on the floor
Too much detergent has
Measure detergent
been used.
according to the
manufacturer’s instructions.
An unsuitable detergent
Use a suitable washing
has been used that
machine detergent.
creates too much foam.
One of the connectors on
Check that the hoses are
the water inlet hoses is
firmly screwed on at both
The drain filter has not
Fully screw the filter into
been properly screwed on
after cleaning.
The machine does not fill
The water taps are closed.
Open the water taps.
The water inlet hoses are
Check the whole length of the
squashed or kinked.
hoses and remove the kink.
The small filters of the water
Clean the filters.
inlet hoses are clogged.
The door is not properly
Close the door.
The machine fills then
empties immediately
The end of the drain hose
Place the hose at the right
is too low.
height (see Installation
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