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Emergency emptying out
If the water is not discharged (pump is blocked, filter or drain hose are
clogged), proceed as follows to empty out the machine:
• pull out the plug from the power socket;
• close the water taps;
• if necessary, wait until the water has cooled;
• place a bowl on the floor;
• put the drain hose end into the bowl and let the water out.
Should it not be possible to have access to the drain hose because, for
example the appliance is built in the kitchen furniture, slightly loosen
the drain filter after placing a bowl on the floor to let the water come
out slowly.
At the end screw the filter again.
Frost precautions
If the machine is installed in a place where the temperature could drop
below 0°C, proceed as follows:
• Close the water taps and unscrew the water inlet hoses from the taps.
• Place the end of the drain hose and the inlet hoses in a bowl placed
on the floor.
• Select the “PUMP OUT” programme and run it until the machine
• Press the ON/OFF button to switch the machine off.
• Remove the plug from the power socket.
• Screw the water inlet hoses back on and put the drain hose back in
its place.
By doing this, any water remaining in the machine is removed, avoiding
the formation of ice and, consequently, damage to the appliance.
When you use the machine again, make sure that the ambient temper-
ature is above 0°C.
Cleaning and maintenance
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