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Cleaning and maintenance
After each wash
At the end of the wash programme, pull the dispenser drawer out a lit-
tle to let it dry.
Leave the door ajar to allow air to circulate.
If the machine is not used for a prolonged period:
Close the water tap and unplug the appliance.
Periodical cleaning
Clean the outside of the cabinet with soap and water only. Rinse with
clean water and dry.
do not use methylated spirits, solvents or similar products
to clean the cabinet.
Detergent dispenser drawer
After a while,
detergents and
fabric softeners
leave deposits in
the drawer.
Clean the drawer,
from time to
time, by rinsing it
under a running
tap. To remove the drawer from the machine, press the button in the
rear left-hand corner.
To facilitate cleaning, the top part of the additive compartment can be
Detergent can also accumulate inside the
drawer recess: clean it with an old tooth-
Refit the drawer after cleaning.
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