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Dear customer,
Please read these operating instructions carefully and pay particular
attention to the safety notes indicated in the first pages. We recom-
mend that you keep this instruction booklet for future reference and
pass it on to any future owners.
The warning triangle and/or the key words (Warning!, Caution!) empha-
size information that is particularly important for your safety or correct
functioning of the appliance.
This symbol guides you, step by step, in the operation of the appliance.
The information marked with this symbol provides additional instruc-
tions and practical tips on the use of the appliance.
Tips and information about economical and ecological use of the
machine are marked with the clover symbol.
If you require assistance or advice on your appliance, please contact our
customer care department by letter or telephone:
Customer Care Department
AEG Domestic Appliances
55-77 High Street
Berkshire SL1 1DZ
08705 350350
Your machine is fitted with a balance control device, which ensures the ma-
chine is stable during the spin.
If the wash load appears not to have been spun sufficiently at the end of the
wash cycle, because it is not evenly distributed in the drum, the balance con-
trol device may have operated. It will therefore be necessary to redistribute
the wash load manually and select a spin programme. For more detailed infor-
mation see the section headed "Something Not Working".
Printed on recycled paper.
People who think ecologically, act accordingly
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