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Preparing the wash cycle
Sorting out and preparing the laundry
• Sort out the laundry according to type of fabrics and care labels (see
“Types of fabric and care labels”).
• Empty pockets.
• Remove any metal parts (safety pins, clips, etc.).
• To prevent the laundry from getting damaged and forming bundles,
it is advisable to close zips, button up pillowcases and quilt covers and
tie up loose straps such as those of aprons.
• Turn double faced items inside out (sleeping bags, anoraks, etc.)
• Turn coloured knitted fabrics, woollens and fabrics with trim inside
• Wash small and delicate items (baby socks, tights) inside a laundry net
or in a pillow case closed with a zip, or in larger socks.
• Treat curtains with special care. Remove all metal or plastic hooks or
put them in a net or a bag. We decline any responsibility in case of
• Whites and coloureds must be washed separately: white items can
loose their whiteness.
• New coloured fabrics often have excess dyes; it is advisable to wash
them separately for the first time.
• Wash small and large items together; this improves the washing result
and the laundry is better distributed during spinning.
• Shake out garments before putting them into the machine.
• Insert each garment separately.
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