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Operating Instructions
Dispose of the packaging material correctly. All packaging materials
used are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of without any
danger to the environment.
Plastic parts can be recycled and are identified as follows:
Cardboard packaging is manufactured from recycled paper and
should be deposited in the waste paper collection for recycling.
When disposing of the washing machine!
Cut off the mains cable and destroy the plug.
Disable the door catch to
prevent young children becoming trapped inside.
Use an authorised
disposal site.
Environmental tips
To save water and energy, and to help protect the environment, we rec-
ommend that you follow these tips.
Do not use a pre-wash for normally soiled washing.
It is more economical to wash full loads.
When washing small loads, reduce the detergent by half to two
Pre-treat stains, and then wash at a lower temperature.
Use the energy-saving programme when washing light to normally
soiled garments.
In hard water areas, the use of a water softening agent can reduce
the amount of detergent necessary.
See manufacturers recommen-
for polyethylene, e.g. the outer covering and the bags in
the interior.
for polystyrene, e.g. padding (always CFC-free)
for polyoxymethylene, e.g. plastic clips
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