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Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions
The safety features of AEG electrical appliances comply with accepted
technical standards and the German Appliance Safety Law. However, we
also consider it our obligation as a manufacturer to inform you about
the following safety information.
Prior to initial start-up
Observe the
"Installation and Connection Instructions"
in this in-
struction book.
If the appliance is delivered in the winter months and temperatures
are below freezing: Store the washing machine at room temperature
for a few hours before putting it into operation.
Intended Use
The washing machine is only intended for washing normal domestic
washing. If the appliance is used for any other purpose or incorrectly
operated, the manufacturer accepts no liability for any damages
which may result.
It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this
product in any way.
Only use detergents which are suitable for automatic washing ma-
chines, and follow the recommendations of the detergent manufac-
Garments which have been in contact with flammable solvents
should not be washed. Also bear this in mind when washing pre-
cleaned washing.
Do not use the washing machine for dry-cleaning.
Dyes and bleaching agents may only be used if specifically permitted
by the manufacturer of these products. We cannot be held liable for
any damages.
This appliance must be connected to the cold water supply only.
Damage due to frost is not covered by the guarantee. If the washing
machine is located in a room in which below freezing temperatures
may occur, emergency emptying must be carried out (see "carrying
out an emergency emptying“).
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