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Installation and connection instructions
Inlet Hose Connection
A pressure hose of 1.35m in length is supplied.
If a longer inflow hose is required, only a VDE-approved, complete set
of hoses with fitted hose screw connections is permissible, available
from AEG Service Force Centres.
Hose sets in lengths of 2.2m, 3.5m, and 5m are available for washing
machines without Aqua-Control.
Hose sets in lengths of 2.0m, 2.9m and 3.9m are available for wash-
ing machines with Aqua-Control.
Never cut into pieces in order to extend the hoses!
Sealing rings are supplied either in the plastic
nuts of the hose screw connection or in the
enclosed pack. Do not use other seals!
Connect the hose with the angled connection to
the machine.
Do not lay the inlet hose verti-
cally downwards, instead run it
to the right or left as shown in
the diagram.
Tighten firmly to prevent
leakage but do not use
excessive force.
Connect the hose with the straight connection
to a water tap with a screw thread R 3/4 (inches)
Only tighten the screw connection
by hand.
By slowly opening the water tap before putting
the washing machine into operation, check that
the connection is free of leaks.
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