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Installation and connection instructions
Water connection
The washing machine is provided with safety devices preventing back-
contamination of the water supply and complies with local water au-
thority requirements.
This appliance is designed to be permanently plumbed into your home’s
water supply.
Before connecting up the machine to new pipework or to pipework
that has not been used for some time, run off a reasonable amount of
water to flush out any debris that may have collected in the pipes.
Appliances for connecting to cold water must not be connected to
hot water.
Only use new hose sets for the connection.
Water pressure
The appliance is designed to operate within the following water
pressure units. Minimum 1 bar (= 10N/cm
= 0.1 Mpa), maximum
10 bar (= 100N/cm
= 1 Mpa).
If more than 10 bar: Install a pressure-reduction valve upstream
If less than 1 bar: Unscrew the inlet hose from the appliance at the
inlet solenoid valve and remove the flow regulator (to do this, remove
the filter with needle nose pliers and remove the rubber washer be-
hind the filter). Replace the filter.
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