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Installation and connection instructions
Installation-Site preparation
The installation surface must be clean, dry and level. Do not install on
a deep pile carpet.
Minor unevenness of the floor surface should never be levelled out by
laying pieces of wood, card or similar materials, but should always be
compensated for by adjusting the screw feet.
If the appliance is installed next to a heat source (e.g. cooking appli-
ance), a heat insulating pad (87 x 57 cm) must be placed between the
appliance and the heat source.
Do not install the appliance in locations where the temperature may
fall below freezing.
Please ensure that when the appliance is installed it is easily accessi-
ble for the engineer in the event of a breakdown.
Installation on a Suspended Floor
Suspended wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration. To
help prevent vibration we recommend you place a waterproof wood
panel, at least 15 mm thick under the appliance, secured to at least
2 floor beams with screws. If possible install the appliance in one of the
corners of the room, where the floor is more stable.
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