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Installation and connection instructions
Installation of the appliance
Transporting the appliance
Do not place the washing machine on its front or on its right hand
side (viewed from the front). This is to prevent the possibility of the
electronic components becoming wet.
Never transport the unit without the transport packaging and bolts/
bars. Do not remove the transport packaging until the appliance is at
the installation location. Transporting the unit without the transport
packaging can damage it.
Never lift the appliance by the door.
When transporting the unit with a sack trolley: Attach the sack trol-
ley at the side only.
Remove transport packaging
It is essential to re-
move the transport packaging be-
fore putting the appliance into
operation. Keep all parts of the
transport packaging in a safe
place for future use.
Open both hose holders on the
appliance's rear side and remove
the hoses and mains cable.
Pull both hose holders off the ap-
pliance with a strong pull.
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