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Operating Instructions
Carrying out an emergency emptying
If the washing machine no longer pumps out the water, emergency
emptying must be carried out.
If the washing machine is located in a room in which below freezing
temperatures might occur, emergency emptying must be carried out.
Furthermore: unscrew the inlet hose from the water tap and drain off
the water. Empty the drainage hose.
Switch off the washing machine and pull out the mains plug
prior to performing emergency emptying.
The water, which flows out of the emergency emptying hose
can be hot.
First allow the water to cool down before you carry out the
emergency emptying.
Have a flat container on hand to catch the water.
Pull down the flap in the right corner of
the base strip outwards and pull it off.
Remove the emergency emptying hose
from its holder.
Place the container under the hose.
Detach the plug of the emergency emp-
tying hose by turning it anticlockwise
and pull it out.
The water runs out. Depending on the
amount of water, it may be necessary to
empty the collecting vessel several
times. To do this, close the emergency
emptying hose temporarily with the
Discard the water from the container, replace it under the emergency
emptying hose and remove the plug from the hose.
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