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Operating Instructions
If the washing results are not satisfactory
If the washing turns greyish and limescale deposits are present in
the drum
Insufficient detergent has been added.
Incorrect detergent was used.
Stains were not pre-treated.
Programme or temperature was not set correctly.
If using modular detergents, the individual components were not
used in the correct ratio.
If there are still grey stains on the washing
Soiled garments with ointments, grease or oils were washed with in-
sufficient detergent.
The temperature selected for the wash was too low.
A frequent cause is that fabric softener - particularly a concentrated
one - has come into contact with the washing. Wash out these types
of stains as soon as possible and use the fabric softener carefully.
If after the last rinse foam is still visible
Modern detergents can still cause foam in the final rinse cycle. How-
ever, the washing is still sufficiently rinsed.
If there are white residues on the washing
These are insoluble contents of modern detergents. They are not the
result of an insufficient rinse. Shake out the washing or brush it off.
Turn the washing inside out before washing it. Review your choice of
detergent and if necessary use liquid detergent.
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