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Operating Instructions
The door cannot be
opened when the ap-
pliance is switched on.
The door is locked due to a
high water level or a high
temperature. (the DOOR dis-
play is off).
Wait until the DOOR display
lights up green.
If it is still necessary to open
the door:
turn the programme selector
to OFF turn the programme
selector to DRAIN. Press the
After the water has been
pumped out, the door can be
Power failure! (All displays
have gone off.)
For safety reasons the door
remains locked for 4 to 10
If water can be seen through
the window in the door, first
carry out emergency empty-
ing (see section “Carrying out
Emergency Emptying Opera-
After approx. 4 to 10 minutes
the door can be opened
again by pulling the handle.
Remnants of detergent
are building up in the
detergent dispenser
Water tap is not fully
Open the water tap fully.
The inlet hose filter in the
coupling inlet hose at the
tap is blocked.
Close the water tap. Unscrew
the inlet hose from the water
tap and from the appliance.
Clean the filter.
The rinsing water is
The cause is probably a de-
tergent with a high silicate
No negative effect on the
rinsing results, use a liquid
detergent if necessary.
When pressing a pro-
gramme option button
the corresponding dis-
play does not light up.
The selected programme op-
tion cannot be combined
with the set programme.
Make another selection.
Possible Cause
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