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Operating Instructions
Water runs out from
under the washing ma-
The screw connection on the
inlet hose is leaking.
Tighten the inlet hose screw
The drainage hose is leaking.
Check the drainage hose and
replace it if necessary.
The washing drain pump
cover is not correctly closed.
Close cover correctly.
Washing is caught in the
Stop the programme and re-
move the washing caught in
the door. Restart the
The emergency emptying
hose is not correctly closed
or is leaking.
Close the emergency empty-
ing hose correctly (see the
section "Carrying out Emer-
gency Emptying"). Call your
local Service Force Centre if
the emergency emptying
hose leaks.
Fabric softener was not
washed in, compart-
for condition-
ers is filled with water.
The conditioner insert in the
compartment for the condi-
tioners is not correctly at-
tached or is blocked.
Clean the detergent dis-
penser drawer and attach the
conditioner insert securely.
Washing heavily
Probably too much washing
put in the drum.
Pay attention to the maxi-
mum load quantity (see Pro-
gramme tables). In the case
of easy-care fabrics, select
the EASY IRON programme.
The washing is not suf-
ficiently spun. Water is
left in the drum.
The fault code
appears . The RINSE
display flashes.
Drain hose is kinked.
Remove the kink.
Maximum pump head (dis-
charge height 1m from the
appliance's base) is exceeded.
Contact your local Service
Force Centre. For pumping
heights over 1m a conver-
sion kit is available as a spe-
cial accessory.
Drain pump is blocked.
Switch off the appliance and
pull out the mains plug.
Clean the drain pump.
Possible Cause
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