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Operating Instructions
No water flows.
Fault code
pears. The display
RINSE + flashes
Water tap is closed.
Open the water tap.
Filter in screw connection of
the inlet hose is blocked.
Close the water tap. Unscrew
the hose from the tap, re-
move the filter and clean un-
der running water
Water tap is blocked with
limescale or is faulty.
Check the water tap and
have it repaired if necessary.
The washing machine
vibrates during opera-
tion or is unstable.
The transport packaging has
not been removed.
Remove transport packaging
according to the installation
and connection instructions.
The machine is not level.
Adjust the feet according to
the installation and connec-
tion instructions.
There is very little washing in
the drum (e.g. only one
dressing gown).
This does not impair the op-
eration of the machine.
The water could not be com-
pletely pumped out before
spinning because the drain-
age hose is kinked or the
drain pump is blocked.
Check the the drain hose and
remove any kink if necessary,
or clean the drain pump and,
if required, remove foreign
bodies from the pump hous-
Excessive foaming dur-
ing the main wash.
Probably too much detergent
was used.
It may be necessary to re-
duce the amount of deter-
gent used. Follow the
detergent manufacturer's
Possible Cause
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