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Operating Instructions
Add detergent / conditioner
For instructions concerning detergent
and conditioners, see "Detergents and
Open the detergent dispenser drawer.
press in the flap on the drawer so as to
be able to grasp the handle(1), and pull
out the drawer (2).
Adding detergent / conditioner
Push the detergent dispenser drawer fully in.
If using liquid detergent / tablets
Add liquid detergent / tablets in the quantity recommended by the
washing detergent manufacturer. Add liquid detergent with dosage
containers provided by the detergent manufacturer.
Compartment for in-wash
stain treatment
Compartment for powder
main detergent
(If you use water softening agent and
require the right compartment for the
pre-wash/soaking detergent , add the
water softening agent to the main de-
tergent in the left compartment.)
Compartment for liquid conditioner
(Softener, finisher, starch)
Do not fill above the MAX mark. When using
thick concentrated fabric conditioners and starches we
recommend you dilute the concentrate with water to ensure
trouble-free dispensing. If using starch powder dissolve
according to the manufacturer´s instructions.
It is normal for a small amount of water to be left in
the compartment for liquid conditioner; this will not affect
the wash results.
Compartment for pre-wash/soaking detergent
(Only for programme options PRE WASH/SOAKING)
or for water softening agent
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