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Operating Instructions
Prior to using the appliance for the first time
Follow the
“Installation and connection instructions”
If the appliance is delivered in the winter months when there are mi-
nus temperatures: store the washing machine at room temperature
for 24 hours before using for the first time.
Correct use
The washing machine is only designed for the washing of normal do-
mestic laundry at home.
Additions or modifications to the washing machine are not permit-
Only use detergents/conditioners that are suitable for use in domestic
washing machines.
The washing must not contain any flammable solvent. The risk of ex-
plosion exists.
Do not use the washing machine for dry cleaning.
Dyes/colour removers may only be used in the washing machine, if
the manufacturer of these products expressly permits this. We cannot
accept liability for any damage arising.
Child safety
Keep packaging away from children. There is a risk of suffocation.
Children often do not recognise the hazards associated with electrical
appliances. Don’t allow children to use the washing machine unsu-
Make sure that children and pets don’t climb into the drum of the
washing machine. The risk of death exists.
General safety
Repairs to the washing machine may only be carried out by qualified/
authorised service engineers.
Never use the appliance when the electrical cable is damaged or the
control panel, worktop or plinth area are damaged to such an extent
that the inside of the appliance is openly accessible.
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