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Water Drainage
The appliance drain hose should hook into a standpipe, the hook in the
drain hose is formed using the plastic “U-Piece“ supplied. The standpipe
should have an internal diameter of approximately 38 mm (see dia-
gram) thus ensuring there is an air break between the drain hose and
It is essential to lay the drainage hose without kinks.
When discharging into a stand-
pipe ensure that the top of the
curve in the hose end is no more
than 90 cm (35.4’’) and no less
than 60 cm (23.6’’) above floor
The upright standpipe should
have a minimum, length of 30 cm
(12’’) from the bottom of the el-
bow to the top of the pipe (see
diagram). Make sure that it is de-
signed in such a way that the end
of the drain hose cannot be cov-
ered with water.
Longer drain hoses are available
in lengths of 2.7 and 4 metres
from your Service Force Centre.
For drainage into an outlet
If the outlet spigot has not
been used before, remove any blank-
ing plug that may be in place. Push
the drain hose onto the spigot and
secure with a clip if required. Ensure
the drain hose is looped upwards to
prevent waste water from the sink
entering the washing machine.
The end of the drainage hose must not be submerged in the
pumped-out water. Otherwise, the water could be sucked back into the
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