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Connecting the appliance to the water
This appliance must
be connected to the hot water supply.
When connecting the appliance, use only new hose kits.
Only connect the appliance to the drinking water supply. Rain water
or water for industrial use may only be used if it fulfils the require-
ments of DIN1986 and DIN1988.
Do not kink or crush the water inlet hose or drain hose.
Permitted water pressure
The water pressure must be at least 1 bar (=10N/cm
=0.1MPa), and
may be a maximum of 10bar (=100N/cm
If more than 10bar: Connect a pressure reduction valve.
If less than 1bar: Disconnect the appliance end of the inlet hose from
the solenoid inlet valve and remove the flow meter. (In addition re-
move the filter using pointed pliers and take out the rubber gasket
behind it.) Replace the filter.
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