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The wire coloured blue must be connected to the terminal “N“ or
coloured black.
The wire coloured brown must be connected to the terminal marked
“L“ or coloured red.
Upon completion there must be no cut, or stray strands of wire
present and the cord clamp must be secure over the outer sheath.
A cut off plug inserted into a 13 amp socket is a serious
safety (shock) hazard. Ensure that the cut off plug is disposed of safely.
Permanent Connection
In the case of a permanent connection it is necessary that you install a
double pole switch between the appliance and the electricity supply
(mains), with a minimum gap of 3mm between the switch contacts and
of a type suitable for the required load in compliance with the current
electrical regulations.
The switch must not break the yellow and green earth cable at any
This appliance complies with the requirements laid out in the EEC Di-
rective 76/899.
Voltage 240 V AC: Fuse rating 13amps
See rating plate for further information.
This appliance meets VDE requirements.
Particular regulations of local electricity authorities must be observed.
This appliance conforms to EEC Directive No. 82/499/EWG on radio in-
Repairs to electrical appliances must only be carried out by
trained personnel. Improper repairs may lead to serious risks for the us-
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