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Installing the appliance
Transporting the appliance
The washing machine is very heavy. There is a risk of injury.
Exercise care when lifting the appliance.
Do not lay the washing machine on its front nor on its right side
(as seen from the front). Electrical components may get wet.
Never transport the appliance without using the transit packaging.
Only remove the transit packaging when the appliance is in its place
of installation. Transporting the appliance without the use of the
transit packaging can cause damage to the appliance.
Never lift the appliance by the door when it is open nor by the plinth.
When using a sack trolley to transport the washing machine:
Only use the sack trolley on the side of the appliance.
Removing the transit packaging
Be sure to remove all
the components of the transit pack-
aging prior to using the appliance
for the first time. Keep the transit
packaging in a safe place, in case it
is needed at a later date when the
appliance is to be moved
(e.g. moving house).
Open the two hose retainers located
at the rear of the appliance and re-
move the hoses and electrical cable.
Remove the two hose retainers from
the appliance with a strong tug.
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