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Drain pump
The drain pump is maintenance-free. It is only necessary to open the
pump cover if there is a malfunction and water is no longer being
pumped out, e.g. if the pump wheel is blocked.
Before loading the machine, please always ensure that there are no for-
eign bodies present in the pockets or in between the items to be
washed. Paper clips, nails, etc. which may find their way into the wash-
ing machine along with the washing will remain in the drain pump
housing (foreign body trap that protects the pump wheel).
Before opening the cover of the drain pump, switch off the
washing machine and remove the power plug from the power point.
First carry out an emergency drain.
Place a cloth on the floor in front of the cover of the drain pump.
Residual water runs out.
Unscrew the pump cover in an anti-
clockwise direction and remove it.
Remove foreign bodies and fluff
from the pump housing and from
the pump wheel.
Check whether the pump wheel
right at the back of the pump hous-
ing can turn. (If the wheel rotates
with a jerky motion, this is normal.)
If the pumping wheel cannot be
turned, please contact your local
Service Force Centre..
Insert the pump cover. Insert the
guides at the sides of the cover into
the guide slots and tighten the cov-
er by turning in a clockwise direc-
Close off the emergency drain hose
and place it in the retainer.
Close the plinth flap.
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