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If the wash result is not satisfactory
The washing is grey and there are limescale deposits in the drum
Too little detergent was used.
An incorrect detergent was used.
Individual stains were not pre-treated.
The programme or temperature was not set properly.
There are grey stains on the washing
Items that were soiled with ointments, fats or oils were washed using
too little detergent.
The wash temperature used was too low.
A common cause is that conditioner – in particular the type in con-
centrated form - has come in contact with the washing. Wash out
such marks as soon as possible and exercise care when using the said
Foam can still be seen following the final rinse
Modern detergents can cause foam to be created even during the fi-
nal rinse. In spite of this, the washing has been sufficiently rinsed.
There are white residues on the washing
What can be seen here are insoluble substances which modern deter-
gents contain.
They are not the result of insufficient rinsing.
Shake or brush the washing. If possible turn the washing inside out
before washing. Check your selection of detergent and perhaps use
liquid detergent instead.
The door cannot be
opened when the wash-
ing machine is switched
The door is locked.
Wait until the DOOR indica-
tor goes out and the END in-
dicator illuminates.
There has been a power cut.
(All the indicators have gone
The door remains locked for
approx. 2 minutes.
The programme will continue
when the power cut has end-
To remove the washing:
If water can be seen in the
appliance, first empty the
water before opening the
door (see section “Carrying
out an emergency drain”).
The washing is badly
Perhaps too many items
were loaded.
Observe the maximum load
Possible cause
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