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What to do if...
Remedying small faults yourself
If the programme progress display indicates one of the following fault
codes during operation:
END flashes 1x (problem with water inlet),
END flashes 2x (problem with water outflow),
END flashes 4x (door open),
please consult the following table.
After the fault has been remedied, press the START/PAUSE button
In the case of other fault messages (one or more flashing indicators on
the programme progress display):
switch the appliance off and on again. Set the programme again. Press
the START/PAUSE button.
If the fault appears again, please contact AEG Service Force centre.
Possible cause
Washing machine does
not work.
Power plug not plugged in
or problem with the fuse.
Connect the plug to a mains
socket. Check the fuse.
The door is not shut proper-
Close the door - there should
be an audible click.
The START/PAUSE button
was not pressed for long
Press the START/PAUSE but-
ton for longer.
The door cannot be
The child safety device is ac-
Deactivate the child safety
The END indicator is
flashing 4x.
The door is not closed prop-
Close the door properly. Re-
start the programme.
The END indicator is
flashing 1x.
(Problems with the wa-
ter inflow.)
The tap is turned off.
Turn on the tap.
The filter in the inlet hose
screw connection is blocked.
Turn off the tap. Unscrew the
hose, remove the filter and
clean it.
The tap is blocked by limes-
cale or is faulty.
Check the tap and have it re-
paired, if necessary.
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