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Cleaning and care
Do not use furniture cleaning products or aggressive clean-
ing agents to clean the appliance.
Wipe over the control panel and housing with a damp cloth.
Detergent drawer
The detergent drawer should be cleaned regularly.
Remove the detergent drawer by pulling firmly.
Remove the softener insert from the
middle compartment.
Clean all parts with water.
Place the softener insert in as far as
it will go, so that it is firmly in posi-
Clean the entire drawer recess area
of the washing machine, in particu-
lar the jets on the upper side of the
washing-in chamber, with a brush.
Place the detergent drawer in its
guide rails and push it in.
Washing drum
Rust deposits in the drum may occur due to rusting foreign bodies in
the washing or tap water containing iron.
Do not clean the drum with acidic descaling agents, scour-
ing agents containing chlorine or iron or steel wool.
Remove any rust which has accumulated in the drum using a cleaning
agent for stainless steel.
Run a washing cycle without any washing to clean off any cleaning
agent residues. Programme: COTTONS/LINEN 60, press the TIME SAVER
button, add approx. 1/4 measuring cup of detergent.
Door and rubber collar
Regularly check whether deposits or foreign substances are present in
the folds of the rubber collar or inside on the door glass.
Regularly clean the door glass and the rubber collar.
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