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Starting a programme
Check that the tap is turned on.
Press the START/PAUSE button. The programme is started or will start
after the delay timer has counted down.
During the wash programme the current stage of the programme will
be shown in the programme progress display.
If after pressing the START/PAUSE button the END indicator flashes 4x,
the door has not been correctly shut. Push the door firmly closed and
press the START/PAUSE button again.
Interrupting a programme/adding washing
Interrupting a programme
A washing programme can be interrupted at any time by pressing the
START/PAUSE button and then re-started by pressing the START/
PAUSE button again.
To cancel a programme before it has ended, turn the programme se-
lector to OFF.
Be careful of water in the appliance.
Adding washing
Washing can be added as long as the DOOR indicator is not illuminated.
Press the START/PAUSE button. The door can be opened.
Close the door and press the START/PAUSE button again. The pro-
gramme will continue.
Washing cycle complete/Removing the washing
When the programme has finished, END will illuminate in the pro-
gramme progress display. As soon as the DOOR indicator goes out and
the END indicator illuminates, the door can be opened.
Open the door and remove the washing.
Turn the programme selector to OFF.
Turn off the tap.
After washing, pull out the detergent drawer a little to allow it to dry.
Keep the door very slightly open so that the washing machine can air.
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