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This unit is equipped with an auto head cleaning
function which automatically reduces the amount of
dirt on the video heads. However, in order to
maximize the unit’s reliability, it is recommended that
the video heads be cleaned as and when appropriate.
For further details on how to actually clean the heads,
consult with one of our service companies or with your
Video head cleaning
Condensation occurs due to the same principle
involved when droplets of water form on a window
pane of a heated room. It occurs when the unit or tape
is moved between places where the temperature or
humidity varies greatly or when, for instance:
It is moved to a very humid place full of steam or a
room immediately after it has been heated up.
It is suddenly moved from a cold location to a hot or
humid location.
When moving the unit to locations such as these,
leave it standing for about 10 minutes rather than
switching on the power immediately.
If condensation occurs in the unit, “E-20” will flash on
the counter display and the cassette will be
automatically ejected.
Leave the unit with the power on until “E-20” is
cleared from the display.
Before starting any maintenance work, switch the
power to OFF and, holding the plug, unplug the cord
from the socket.
Use a soft cloth to clean the outside of the unit.
For stubborn dirt or stains, wipe the unit with a cloth
that has been lightly dampened with well-diluted
kitchen detergent and wrung out thoroughly.
After wiping off the dirt with the damp cloth, finish it off
with a dry cloth.
Do not use alcohol, benzene, thinners or any other
solvents as they may affect the color of external parts
or damage the unit’s coating.
Attaching the dust cover
Insert the end of the cover
under the metal plate on the
inside edge of the top of the
side panel.
Insert the end of the cover
under the metal plate on the
inside edge of the top of the
front panel.
Dust cover
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