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Description:ASUS Graphics Card – Warranty (Quick Start Guide for Multiple Languages)
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Union, the mandatory laws of which do not guarantee a data protection level
equivalent to the laws of EU member states. However, ASUS will use and protect
Your personal data at any time and in any country subject to the ASUS Privacy
Policy. Please access and read the ASUS Privacy Policy at:
Out-oF-Warranty cases
Returning the Product to the ASUS Repair Center during the Warranty Period
does not automatically mean that it will be repaired free of charge. Upon
receiving Your Product, ASUS reserves the right to check the validity of Your
Warranty and Your request for Warranty service. ±f the Warranty Period has
lapsed or if any of the exclusions in clause 5 apply, Your request will be deemed
out of warranty (“OOW”).
±f Your service request is OOW and if your product is repairable under ASUS’
evaluation, a Service Char
ge List with an ofer For repair will be provided to
You, which You may accept or reject. IF You accept the repair and the service
charge list, ASUS will repair your product accordingly. AFter the r
epa±r in±shed
, we w±ll prov±de You w±th an ±nvo±ce for the repa±r labor, spare parts and other
costs stated ±n the Serv±ce Charge L±st, prov±ded theta you shall pay accord±ngly
w±th±n 14 days of the ±nvo±ce’s ±ssue date.
Abandoned Property
After Your Product has been repa±red/replaced, or ±f You do not agree to the
repa±r oFer, ASUS w±ll return your repa±red Product/product replacement v±a
the agreed RMA method. If You do not p±ck up Your Product, or ±f del±very ±s
not poss±ble at the address prov±ded by You, ASUS w±ll send You a not±ce at the
address You prov±ded when request±ng the serv±ce. If You st±ll fa±led to p±ck up
the Product w±th±n a per±od of 90 days from send±ng the not±ce, ASUS reserves
the r±ght to cla±m damages from you, ±nclud±ng the cost of storage; to d±spose
the product ±n accordance w±th the appl±cable laws and regulat±ons; and any
statutory r±ght of l±en for unpa±d charges.
Warranty and Support
Th±s Warranty appl±es ±n the country of purchase.
Product purchased ±n the European Un±on ±s el±g±ble for ASUS Warranty Serv±ce
w±th±n the European Un±on.
You acknowledge that ±n th±s warranty:
Service procedures may vary by country.
Some service and/or spare parts may not be available in all countries.
Some countries may have fees and restrictions that apply at the time of
serv±ce, please v±s±t the ASUS Support s±te at
for more deta±ls.
Certain countries may require additional documentation, such as proof
This manual is suitable for devices