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Description:ASUS Graphics Card – Warranty (Quick Start Guide for Multiple Languages)
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Product’s operation and functions, such as without limitation to rust, change
in color, textur
e or in±sh, wear and tear, and gradual deter±orat±on.
(f ) Damage to the Product caused by war, terror±sm, ire, acc±dent, natural
d±saster, ±ntent±onal or acc±dental m±suse, abuse, neglect or ±mproper
ma±ntenance, and use under abnormal cond±t±ons.
(g) Damage to the Product caused by ±mproper ±nstallat±on, ±mproper
connect±on or malfunct±on of a per±pheral dev±ce such as pr±nter, opt±cal
dr±ve, network card, or USB dev±ce, etc.
(h) Damage to the Product caused by an external electr±cal fault or any acc±dent;
(±) Damage to the Product result±ng from use outs±de of the operat±on, storage
parameters, or env±ronment deta±led ±n the User’s Manual.
(j) Damage to the Product caused by th±rd party software or v±rus(es); or there
±s software loss or data loss that may occur dur±ng repa±r or replacement.
(k) Unusab±l±ty due to forgotten or lost secur±ty passwords.
(l) Unusab±l±ty of or damage to the Product caused by contam±nat±on w±th
hazardous substances, d±seases, verm±n, or rad±at±on.
²raud, theft, unexpla±ned d±sappearance, or damages/detr±mental
c±rcumstances caused by an w±llful act of the customer.
(n) Damage to the Product that ar±ses from cryptocurrency m±n±ng or related
act±v±t±es unless the model ±s espec±ally des±gned for m±n±ng.
Limitation oF Liability
Except as prov±ded ±n th±s warranty and to the max±mum extent perm±tted
by law, ASUS ±s not respons±ble for d±rect, spec±al, ±nc±dental or consequent±al
damages result±ng from any breach of warranty or cond±t±on, or under any
other legal theory, ±nclud±ng but not l±m±ted to loss of use; loss of revenue; loss
of actual or ant±c±pated proits (±nclud±ng loss of proits on contracts); loss of the
use of money; loss of ant±c±pated sav±ngs; loss of bus±ness; loss of opportun±ty;
loss of goodw±ll; loss of reputat±on; loss of, damage to or corrupt±on of data; or
any ±nd±rect or consequent±al loss or damage whatsoever caused ±nclud±ng the
replacement of equ±pment and property, any costs of recover±ng or reproduc±ng
any data stored on or used w±th the Product. The forego±ng l±m±tat±on shall not
apply to death or personal ±njury cla±ms, or any statutory l±ab±l±ty for ±ntent±onal
and gross negl±gent acts and/or om±ss±ons by ASUS. Some jur±sd±ct±ons do not
allow the exclus±on or l±m±tat±on of ±nc±dental or consequent±al damages; to the
extent such jur±sd±ct±on ±s govern±ng th±s Warranty the above l±m±tat±ons do not
apply to You.
It ±s necessary for ASUS to collect, transfer, and process personal data ±n
order to fac±l±tate the requested serv±ce; and for th±s purpose Your data may
be transferred to and processed ±n any country where ASUS or ±ts a³l±ated
compan±es ma±nta±ns o³ces, wh±ch ±nclude countr±es outs±de of the European
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