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Description:ASUS Graphics Card – Warranty (Quick Start Guide for Multiple Languages)
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SoFtware Support
Any software delivered with the Product is provided “as-is”. ASUS does not
guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of any software provided with
the Product.
This warranty covers the hardware of the Product. ASUS will provide technical
support for the Product’s preinstalled software only when it concerns the
proper functioning of the hardware. For other problems with the software, we
advise You to review the user manuals, the ASUS support web site and/or other
online resources. Third party software may require support from the respective
Customer responsibility
When using the Product:
Read the user manual Irst and use the Product only according to the user
Do not remove thermal module, reassemble thermal module may cause
contact defective and damage components.
Please check the manual and the ASUS support website for troubleshooting
solutions, before contacting the customer service.
Technical support E-mail Address can be found at
Warranty Service
Please go to the Dealer where you purchased your product to pursue this ASUS
±n any case that the above mentioned dealer could not help you pursue ASUS
warranty, please visit ASUS service center website at
for detailed contact information.
Exclusions From this limited Warranty Service
ASUS does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of this Product.
The warranty only covers technical hardware issues during the Warranty Period
and in normal use conditions. ±t applies t
o irmware ±ssues but not to any other
software ±ssues or customer ±nduced damages or c±rcumstances such as but not
l±m±ted to:
(a) The Product has been tampered w±th, repa±red and/or mod±ied by
nonauthor±zed personnel.
(b) The ser±al number of the Product, components or accessor±es has been
altered, cancelled or removed.
(c) The ser±al number labels
have been broken or altered.
(d) Obsolescence.
(e) Damage (acc±dental or otherw±se) to the Product that does not ±mpact the
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