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Description:ASUS Graphics Card – Warranty (Quick Start Guide for Multiple Languages)
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This ASUS manufacturer warranty (hereafter referred to as the “Warranty”) is
granted by ASUSTeK Computer ±nc. (hereafter referred to as “ASUS”) to the
purchaser (hereafter referred to as “You”) of the ASUS graphic card (hereafter
referred to as the “Product”).This Warranty is being delivered with the Product,
subject to the following terms and conditions. ASUS accredited Service Agents
and Repair Centers will provide the services covered under this Warranty.
Warranty Period oF the Product
This warranty applies for the period of 36 months from the date the product was
irst purchased by an end-customer (“Date of Purchase”). If proof of purchase
cannot be prov±ded, the manufacture date as recorded by ASUS w±ll be deemed
to be the start of the Warranty Per±od.
Statutory Rights
Th±s warranty ±s g±ven ±ndependently of any statutory r±ghts that may apply ±n
the country of purchase and does not aFect or l±m±t such statutory r±ghts ±n any
manner whatsoever.
ASUS warrants the Product to be free from defects ±n workmansh±p and
mater±als for the Warranty Per±od. The Warranty does not cover bundled
accessor±es, wh±ch were del±vered together w±th the Product such as: cables,
adapter, game , etc. If the Product fa±ls dur±ng normal and proper use w±th±n
the Warranty Per±od, ASUS, at ±ts d±scret±on, w±ll repa±r or replace the defect±ve
parts of the Product, or the Product ±tself, w±th new or recond±t±oned parts
or products that are funct±onally equ±valent or super±or to those or±g±nally
Th±s Warranty appl±es only ±f the Product was newly manufactured on the Date
of Purchase and not sold as used, refurb±shed or manufactur±ng seconds. Please
keep the or±g±nal purchase ±nvo±ce and th±s warranty card for future serv±ce
request. Th±s Warranty does not ±nclude fa±lure caused by ±mproper ±nstallat±on,
operat±on, clean±ng or ma±ntenance, acc±dent, damage, m±suse, abuse, non-
ASUS mod±icat±ons to the product, any th±rd party software programs, normal
wear and tear or any other event, act, default or om±ss±on outs±de ASUS’ control.
²or further deta±ls, see sect±on 5 of th±s Warranty Card.
All components that an ASUS Serv±ce Center repa±red or replaced w±ll be
under warranty for three months or for the rema±nder of the warranty per±od,
wh±chever ±s appl±cable.
If the Product ±s under Warranty, You hereby agree to transfer the ownersh±p
of replaced defect±ve parts and such parts shall automat±cally become the
property of ASUS.
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