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For your safety and to avoid unnecessary damage to your TV set, please
read and observe the following safety instructions:
This TV set is designed exclusively for reception and reproduction of video
and audio signals.
This equipment is designed for domestic and of
ce environments and must
not be used in rooms with high humidity (e.g. bathroom, sauna) or high
concentrations of dust (e.g. workshops). If the equipment is used in the
open air, ensure that it is protected against moisture (rain, drips, splashes,
sprayed water or dew). Do not place any containers
lled with liquids or lit
candles on top of the TV.
High levels of moisture and concentrations of dust cause leakage currents in
the equipment, which can lead to danger of electric shock or
The manufacturer‘s warranty is only valid for use in the speci
ed permissible
If you have moved the TV set out of the cold into a warm environment, leave
it standing for about an hour since condensation may form.
This equipment must only be connected to a mains power supply which has
the same voltage and frequency as that speci
ed on the rating plate; use
the power cable provided. Incorrect voltages can damage the equipment.
Like all electronic equipment, your TV needs air for cooling. Obstruction
of the air circulation can
res. Therefore the
air vents on the back must
always be kept free. Please
do not place newspapers or
cloths on/over the TV.
If the TV is placed in a cabi-
net or on a shelf, leave at
least 10 cm at the sides and
10 cm at the top to ensure
cient air circulation.
Position the set so that it is
not exposed to direct sunlight and additional heating from radiators.
Prevent any metal parts, needles, paper clips, liquids, wax or the like from
getting into the TV set through the air venting slits in the rear panel. This
can lead to short-circuits and possibly to
re. If something should get into
the inside of the TV set, pull out the plug immediately and notify customer
Never remove the back of the TV set yourself. Repair and servicing of your
TV set should only be carried out by authorised TV technicians.
Place the TV set on a level,
rm base. The set should not protrude at the
front when installing in cabinets or shelves.
For your safety
Only use original accessories if possible, e.g. Loewe wall holders and stands.
Never let children handle the TV unattended.
Do not allow children to play in the immediate vicinity of the TV, they could
knock, shift or pull it over and injure someone.
Never leave the TV on unsupervised.
Do not install the TV where there may be vibrations. Vibrations can lead to
material stress.
Pull out the power and antenna cables during thunderstorms. Surge volt-
ages caused by lightning strikes can damage the TV through the antenna
system and the mains. Also remove the antenna and mains plugs in long
periods of absence.
The mains plug of the TV set must be easily accessible so that the set can be
disconnected at any time.
Lay the mains cable in such a way that it will not be damaged. The power
cable may not be kinked or laid over sharp edges, not stood on and not ex-
posed to chemicals, the latter also applies to the device as a whole. A mains
cable with damaged insulation can lead to electric shocks and is a
re risk.
When removing the mains plug, pull the plug housing and not the cable.
The wires in the plug could be damaged and cause a short circuit the next
time it is plugged in.
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