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Thank you
for choosing a Loewe product.
We are happy to have you as a customer.
At Loewe we combine the highest standards of technology, design and user
friendliness. This applies equally for TV, video and accessories.
Neither technology nor design is an end in itself, but both are intended to pro-
vide our customers with the best possible audio and visual experience.
We have designed the TV set in such a way that it is easy to operate with
menus. Information about settings in menus is shown automatically for fast
comprehension of the situation.
You will
nd the answers to many of your technical queries in the index of your
TV. If it is a matter of operating the TV, you can access a function directly from
the index. This saves you from having to read through detailed operating in-
structions and is the reason, why this operating manual only explains the most
important operating steps.
You can
nd out the features of your TV set by calling Index - Integrated fea-
tures (call up by pressing the
key in TV mode, while no menu is displayed).
With the remote control RC4, you can operate three Loewe units, this TV, a
Loewe video recorder and a Loewe DVD player.
Only transport the unit in an upright position. Hold the set by the top and bot-
tom edges of the housing. The LCD screen is made of glass and/or plastic and
may break if not handled carefully. Should the LCD screen become damaged
or should the liquid crystal begin to leak, then it is imperative you wear rubber
gloves when removing the set. Should the liquid come in contact with your skin,
thoroughly rinse with water immediately.
Note on LCD screen
The screen you have purchased meets the highest quality requirements in this
segment and has been tested for pixel errors. Despite the utmost caution in pro-
duction of the sets, it cannot be totally ruled out that some of the pixels might
be defective for technological reasons.
Please understand that such effects cannot be considered as a unit defect in
the sense of the warranty as long as they are within the limits speci
ed by the
Installation options
as a desktop unit
Use the base included in delivery.
as a wall-mounted unit
Wall holder WM35, Loewe order no. 65495A00.
VESA adapter, Loewe order no. 89691A00
as a freel-standing unit
Flat-TV F-Stand 2, Loewe order no. 63495A00.
Use only a soft, clean, damp cloth to clean the TV, LCD screen and remote
control (don’t use any caustic or abrasive cleaning agents).
Packing and box
You have chosen a long lasting technical product of very high quality. We have
paid a fee to authorised recyclers who will collect the packing from your dealer
for disposal, pursuant to domestic regulations. Nevertheless, we recommend
you to keep the original box and packing material for optimum protection if you
have to transport the set.
The set
Attention: The EU directive 2002/96/EC regulates the proper
way to recycle, handle and utilise used electronic devices.
Hence, all used electronic devices are to be disposed of
separately. Please do not dispose of this set in the normal
household rubbish.
You may return your used set free of charge at designated
recycling centres or at your specialist dealer whenever you purchase a new,
comparable set. You can
nd out more about recycling (also for countries out-
side the EU) from your local government.