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Use the Flat-TV F-Stand 2 , Loewe order no. 63495A00.
Wall holder
Use the wall holder WM35, Loewe order no. 65495A00.
VESA adapter
The VESA adapter offers you the possibility of also using your TV set for other
VESA-compatible fastening devices.
Loewe order no. 89691A00
Note: Please only use the original LOEWE VESA adapter for your TV set and use
the VESA-compatible fastening devices recommended by LOEWE.
Loewe DVD players and recorders
The DVD players and recorders from Loewe are characterized by form and colour
which match Loewe TV sets, adapted user guidance and technology. A combina-
tion of the two devices forms a system which offers many advantages.
Subject to delivery options.