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For your own safety and to prevent unnecessary damage to your device,
read and comply with the following safety instructions:
Proper use and environmental conditions
This TV set is designed exclusively for reception and reproduction of
video and audio signals and is designed for living rooms or office facilities,
and should not be operated in rooms with high
, such as a
bathroom, or sauna, or where there is a high
concentration of dust
workshops). Themanufacturer‘swarrantyisonlyvalidforuseinthespecified
permissible environment.
If the set is used outdoors ensure that it is protected against
(rain, splashing water, or dew). High humidity and dust concentrations
cause leak currents in the device, which can cause a shock hazard if the
device is touched, or a fire.
If you have brought the set into a
warm environment from the
then wait for about 1 hour before
switching it on to avoid formation
Do not place any
or burning candles on
the device. Protect the set against
dripping and splashing water.
Never place the TV set in a position
where it is exposed to
This can lead to material over-
Only transport the device in
vertical position
. Grasp the device on the
upper and lower edges of the housing. Never set the TV down on the
protruding control unit on the bottom of the TV set. This could damage
the control unit.
If the set has to be put down during packing/unpacking, place the TV
set with the entire front surface lying flat on a soft underlay such as a
blanket or the felt from the packing material.
The LCD screen is made of glass or plastic and can break if not handled
If the LCD screen is damaged and
liquid crystal
escapes, wear rubber
gloves when moving the device. In the case of
skin contact
wash thoroughly with water.
Power supply
wrong voltage
can damage the set. This equipment must only be
connected to a mains power supply which has the same voltage and
frequency as that specified on the rating plate; use the mains cable
provided. The
mains plug
of the TV set must be easily accessible so that
the device can be disconnected from the mains at any time. When you
unplug the mains plug, do not pull on the
rather pull on the plug
housing. The cable in the mains plug could be damaged and cause a
short circuit
the next time it is plugged in.
Lay out the
mains cable
in such a manner that it cannot be damaged.
The mains cable must not be kinked or laid over sharp edges, stepped
on or exposed to
; The latter also applies for the entire equip-
ment. A mains cable with damaged insulation can cause
electrical shock
and is a
fire hazard
Air circulation and high temperatures
vent slots
on the
rear panel
of the set must always be kept free.
Please do not place newspapers or cloths on/over the TV.
Ensure that there is at least 10
cm free space on the sides and
above the set for air circulation,
if the set is placed in a
or on a
Like any electronic device, your
TV set requires air for cooling.
Obstruction of the air circula-
tion can cause fires.
The set is suitable for different
installation solutions. See the
instructions for assembly for the different installation solutions.
Stand the TV set with the table or floor stand only on a level,
horizontal base
. Particularly ensure that the set does not protrude to the
front when placed in or on pieces of furniture.
Set up the device where it is not exposed to direct
and where it
is not exposed to additional warming through
heating elements
metal items
, needles, paper clips, liquids, wax, or similar items,
from getting into the interior of the device through the
vent slots
in the
rear panel. Such objects can cause
short circuits
in the set, which could
possibly cause a fire.
If something should get into the
interior of the set
then immediately
unplug the mains plug of the device and contact
customer service
more information.
For your safety
10 cm
10 cm
10 cm