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At Loewe, we combine the highest standards of technology, design and
user friendliness. This applies equally for TV, video and accessories.
Your new TV set is equipped for the TV standard "HDTV"
(High Definition Television). With its high definition
screen, the 100 Hz image refresh frequency and the
future-oriented digital interfaces HDMI (High Definition
Multimedia Interface) it offers possibilities for watching
HDTV broadcasts in an excellent picture quality.
HDTV is a worldwide, digital standard in the 16:9 format
which revolutionises normal TV viewing. It is broadcast
with an up to five times greater resolution than conven-
tional signals and therefore creates an unexpectedly 3D
The TV set is equipped for digital reception. You can use the already
frequently broadcast "everywhere television" (DVB-T) as well as digital
cable (DVB-C) and digital satellite reception (DVB-S).
The Loewe Digital
HD 100 platform even allows dual reception of DVB-T,
DVB-C and DVB-S (if MHEG-5 is selected for location of TV set UK or IRL,
DVB-C and DVB-S reception is not possible, see also on page 13).
The TV set is equipped with a Dolby Digital Decoder. You can connect
a speaker system (e.g. Loewe Individual Sound) or active speakers and
enjoy movie theater sound.
You can connect a card reader or a USB stick with digital photos and/or
MP3 music files to the USB connection of your TV set and view your pho-
tos or play music via the integrated PhotoViewer/MusicBox software.
All the functions can be operated with the Loewe remote control.
We have designed the TV set in such a manner that you can easily
operate it with the help of wizards and menus. Information about the
menu settings is displayed automatically. You will quickly comprehend
the context.
Scope of delivery
LCD TV set
Mains cable
Antenna cable
Wall mount WM54 (incl. installation instructions)
Remote control Assist with two batteries
Operating instructions of the Digital Recorder
This operating manual
No speakers are included in the scope of delivery for the "Individual
Compose" TV set. You can custom configure the speaker equipment
with your TV set and adapt it to your requirements. Ask your dealer in
this regard.
About this operating manual
For many questions concerning the technology you will find an answer
in the index of your TV set. If your question concerns TV set operation,
you can access a function directly from the index of the TV set. Owing to
this possibility, this operating manual only explains the most important
operating steps.
The index/glossary from page 70 onwards gives explanations of certain
terms used in the TV set and the operating manual.
Paragraphs which begin with the symbol
indicate important instruc-
tions, tips or conditions for the following settings.
Terms which you will find in the menus or printed on the remote control
or TV set are written in
The necessary control elements are shown in the descriptions to the left
of the text containing the instructions for action.
Depending on the connected accessory equipment the menus in the TV
set can differ from those described here.
All the station names, programme contents, the illustrated photos, titles,
albums and album covers in this operating manual are examples.
TV set equipment
See the rating plate on the rear of the set for the precise product desig-
nation. The precise features are listed in the
Integrated features
item in
the index of the TV set (see page 16).
Manufactured under licence from Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby", "Pro Logic"
and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #’s: 5,451,942; 5,956,674;
5,974,380; 5,978,762; 6,487,535 & other U.S. and worldwide patents
issued & pending. DTS and DTS Digital Surround are registered trademarks
and the DTS logos and Symbol are trademarks of DTS, Inc. © 1996-2007
DTS, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The screen font "LoeweL2700" is based on the "Tavmjong Bah Arev
(tavmjong.free.fr)" font, which in turn is based on "Bitstream Vera".
Bitstream Vera is a trademark of Bitstream Inc.
This set contains a software which is based partly on the work of the
Independent JPEG Group.
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