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With your Individual Compose device it is possible to replace the laterally
attached trim (panels) to match the ambiance of your home. There are
different surface structures or colours that can be selected for your device.
Please contact your dealer in this regard.
Wood trim is a natural product. In this case UV light (strong sunlight) can
cause slight discoloration.
Stereospeaker I Compose (2 pieces):
Add two stereo speakers to your Individual Compose which can be fixed
directly to the TV set (not possible in Individual 52 Compose) or mounted
separately on the wall.
Centerspeaker I Compose:
An external centre speaker is recommended for perfect spatial sound. It
can be installed on a table stand or mounted on the wall. A visually attrac-
tive solution is the Center Floor Stand I Compose in which the loudspeaker
is already integrated in the installation solution. The Centerspeaker I
Compose can be combined with the Loewe Individual Sound System.
Loewe Individual Sound:
Your TV set can be perfectly supplemented with the Individual Sound
speaker system. Numerous speaker combination possibilities with standing
speakers, satellite speakers and a subwoofer can be implemented. Here
as well it is possible to choose the colours of housing and trim.
Loewe Individual Sound Projector:
With the Loewe Individual Sound Projector you can easily enjoy digital
Surround Sound without expensive installation and connection of several
speakers. The Sound Projector is easy to set and operate.
Loewe DVD recorder:
The DVD recorders from Loewe are characterised by form and colour,
which match Loewe TV sets, adapted user guidance and technology.
Combined these devices form a system that offers many advantages.
Loewe Blu-ray Player:
With the Loewe Blu-ray Player “BluTech Vision“ you are ideally equipped
for the successor format to DVD. With the Loewe system integration
you control BluTech Vision and your Loewe TV set simultaneously with
the Assist remote control.
Cube i Rack:
The Cube i Rack is designed as a supplemental rack that can accommo-
date two peripheral devices such as DVD player and/or DVD recorder, as
well as the subwoofer of the Loewe Individual Sound speaker system. If
a subwoofer is not used then the Cube i Rack can accommodate up to
four peripheral devices.
Adapter and cables:
AUDIO LINK adapter
1.5 m
Loewe order no. 89954.001
1.5 m
Loewe order no. 89952.001
6 m
Loewe order no. 89952.002
10 m
Loewe order no. 89952.00±
Cubic plug cable
1.5 m
Loewe order no. 90418.9±0
Subject to availability.