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Operating additional equipment
Sound components wizard
The sound components wizard helps you to configure the components
used to play the TV sound.
Depending on what you want to use, active speakers, speaker systems,
Loewe Individual Sound Projector and analogue and digital HiFi/AV am-
plifiers can be configured.
The sound components wizard is preset to playback via TV speakers at
the factory.
If a Loewe Preceiver Auro has been connected to the TV set via link
cable, you can only select between
TV speakers
in the sound
components wizard.
Integrated Dolby Digital Decoder
Your TV set is equipped with an integrated Dolby Digital Decoder. This
system has been introduced to the DVD video range and digital TV sta-
tions can also broadcast in digital multi-channel sound.
For playback of 5 audio channels the surround sound is reinforced by the
deepest frequencies from the subwoofer channel (SUB), (5.1 reproduction
= 5 audio channels and 1 subwoofer). All 5 audio channels are reproduced
with the full frequency range from 20-20,000 hertz and generate the
original theatre effect.
The Dolby Digital Decoder also decodes dts, MPEG and the analogue
Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Pro Logic II signals, regardless of whether
the audio signal is transmitted by an external device or received by the
TV set.
DVDs or CDs with PCM coded audio format are also decoded by the
Dolby Digital Decoder. The CD/DVD player must be connected via a
coaxial, digital connection to the digital input
for this
(see page 5±).
The audio signals decoded by the Dolby Digital Decoder are output via
interface. You can connect a speaker system such as
the Loewe "Individual Sound" (see page 48) or active speakers (see page
49) to the
interface and configure these with the
components wizard
Settings for speaker systems and active speakers which are connected via
interface to the Dolby Digital Decoder of the TV set:
Register speaker (system) or active speaker.
Setting of the lower limit frequency of the speakers.
Setting of the distances between listener and speakers.
Level settings for the speakers.
Setting of the phase position for the subwoofer channel.
All data and selection possibilities which refer to the TV speakers in the
course of the sound components wizard are only relevant when TV speakers
are connected.
TV speakers
No TV speakers are included in the scope of delivery for the "Individual
Compose" TV set. Two speakers (min 4 ohm / min. 20 W sinus) can be
connected via the speaker connections (screw terminals) of the TV set.
The Loewe "Stereospeaker I Compose" available as an accessory are ideal
for this. These can be fixed directly to the TV set or separately to the
wall. When fixing the speakers directly to the TV set, the side speaker
connections (exclusively for "Stereospeaker I Compose") behind the trim
are used. In the case of separate wall assembly, the speakers are con-
nected to the screw terminals. See installation instructions "Stereospeaker
I Compose".
Speakers must never be connected simultaneously to the side connections
and to the screw terminals.
Connecting speakers to the screw terminals
To connect the speakers, switch the TV set off at the mains switch and
pull out the mains plug.
You have connected and laid out the connecting cables to the speakers.
Remove the rubber band fixed as a transport protection (see figure).
Turn the 4 screw terminals anti-clockwise about 2 or ± turns. This frees
the connection openings for the connecting cables of the speakers.
Do not loosen the screw terminals more than necessary. They could
fall down and get lost.
Make sure no bare cable ends can get inside the device when con-
necting. Avoid short-circuits between the individual screw terminals
and between the screw terminal and the support plate.
Push the connecting cables (max. 1.5mm
) of the speakers under the
respective same coloured screw terminal (red to red, black to black).
See also the printed connection designations of the speakers right
(Right) and left (Left) and the characters "+" equal red and "–" equal
black (see figure).
Make sure that the sheaths of the connecting cables are not clamped
accidentally as well.
Tighten the screw terminals clockwise.
Attach connection cable
Remove transport protection