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Control unit front side of the device
Radio only for DVB reception, provided the station broadcasts this.
Otherwise switch over to an audio input.
Button +
Station up
in the menu: to the right
On/Off button
Switch on from the standby mode
Switch off to the standby mode
Button –
Station down
in the menu: to the left
= Standby
= Operation
= Operation without on-screen display
(Radio, EPG data capture or timer recording)
Button R
Radio on/off
(back to TV mode)
Switch on the radio from the standby mode
in the menu: down
Button M
Call the menu
in the menu: up/down
The mains switch is located
on the bottom of the TV
= Digital Recorder inactive
(no recording, no playback)
= Digital Recorder active (offset TV viewing
or archive playback)
= Digital Recorder active
(archive recording)
Display DR