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2± -
Status display
In normal TV mode, without other displays.
Show / hide status display.
For MHEG-5,
INFO button
You will see the number and name of the station, the title
of the current broadcast (if available) and the sound iden-
tification in the top two lines.
The bar (if available) indicates the progress of the current
A selection (see right hand column), the time and, if acti-
vated, the alarm time and switch-off time appear at the
bottom depending on the DVB station.
Explanations of the symbols for sound identification:
Transmitted audio signal:
Mono audio transmission analogue
Two-sound transmission (Sound1/Sound2) analogue
Stereo sound transmission analogue or digital (PCM)
Dolby Digital sound transmission (DD)
dts sound transmission
MPEG sound transmission
Dolby Pro Logic II sound transmission
Transmitted audio channels:
DD / dts 1.0 / mono
DD / dts / MPEG 2.0
DD / dts ±.0
DD / dts 4.0
DD / dts 5.0
DD / dts 2.1
DD / dts ±.1
DD / dts 4.1
DD / dts 5.1
Selected listening mode:
Play centre sound or mono (left/right).
Play front sound (L/R stereo).
Play front and centre sound.
Play front and surround sound.
Play front, surround and centre sound.
If the number of speakers appears in brackets, the
sound of missing speakers is transmitted by the exist-
ing speakers (virtual). The Dolby Virtual speaker (VS
mode) developed by Dolby is activated for the virtual
sound reproduction.
Alarm time 20:00
Sleep timer 23:00
1 Das Erste
  Digital
14:30 - 15:15
Language-/sound selection
Daily operation
Additional selection possibilities for DVB stations
In the status display additional selection possibilities can be offered for
specific programmes depending on the DVB programme provider.
coloured buttons
do not work as described below
for TV sets with MHEG-5 software, but they operate
as described on page ±± (Digital teletext).
If during the status display you press one of the
or the
TEXT button
then the associated selection
menu will be displayed.
The selection line is also displayed automatically when
a new broadcast with different options to the previous
broadcast begins or when you switch stations.
The following options are possible:
Red button:
Channel selection for multi-channel providers
Green button:
Language/audio selection
Yellow button:
Time selection
Blue button:
Protection of minors
DVB subtitles
The selection menus are only available as long as the
status display is shown. However you can call them again
by pressing the
END button
Other setting options for DVB stations
You can make general presettings for DVB stations under
TV menu
DVB settings
Here you can preset whether a subtitle is always to be
displayed as soon as it is offered by the station. A special
subtitle for impaired hearing can also be selected.
Subtitles are not offered by all stations. Many stations only
broadcast subtitles by teletext.
Here you can preset whether you always want to hear a
special sound for impaired sight as soon as it is offered
by the station.
Select the DVB character set so that the title of the broad-
cast of your favourite received station or the texts of your
CA module are displayed correctly.
DVB character