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Note on the LCD screen
The TV set you have purchased with LCD screen satisfies the most rigor-
ous quality requirements and has been inspected relative to
pixel errors
Despite our thorough care when manufacturing the display, it cannot be
100% guaranteed that no
defects will be present due to techni-
cal reasons. Please understand that these types of effects, as long as they
are within the standard of specified limits, cannot be considered as a
device defect in terms of the guarantee.
Avoid displaying
still images
for long periods of time. It is possible that
a copy of the image may remain.
Cleaning and care
Switch off the TV set at the main switch before cleaning.
Clean the TV set, the screen, and the remote control unit with a soft,
moist, and clean cloth only,
scouring cleaning
Sets with glass screens may be cleaned with a conventional glass cleaner.
The set is suitable for different installation solutions. See the instructions
for assembly for the different installation solutions.
Stand the TV set with the table or floor stand only on a level,
horizontal base
. Particularly ensure that the set does not protrude to the
front when placed in or on pieces of furniture.
Place the TV set in a normal position for use. The TV set may only be
used in an upright horizontal position. It may not be tilted by more than
10 degrees. The TV set must never be operated vertically, lying flat or
hanging overhead from the ceiling.
Set up the device where it is not exposed to direct
and where it
is not exposed to additional warming through
heating elements
Repairs and accessories
Never remove the back of the TV set yourself. Only have your TV device
repaired or serviced by
authorised television technicians
Only use
original accessories
such as Loewe stands if possible (see Acces-
sories on page 144.
Do not allow
to use the TV set without supervision or to play in
the immediate vicinity of the TV set. The set could tip over, be pushed
off or pulled down from the stand surface and injure someone.
allow the switched-on TV set to run
Loud music can lead to ear damage. Avoid extreme volume especially
over long periods and when using headphones.
Thunder storms
Pull out the
mains plug
and all connected
antenna cables
from the TV
set in a thunderstorm. Overvoltage caused by
can damage the
set via the antenna system, as well as via the mains. The mains plug and
all connected antenna cables should also be pulled out during long pe-
riods of
For your safety